Criticism vs critique

What the difference is & how to take it


Why you need a writing community

The stereotype of a writer is of a lonely white man toiling away in isolation—probably at a typewriter. Do a Google image search for writer and this is the sort of thing you see: This is wrong in a number of ways: for a start, most writers are women. 65% in Australia, 62% in the … Continue reading Why you need a writing community

Shameless plug: Aiki Flinthart

Hi! Remember me? We really must get together sometime for a proper catch up. This is, after all, my writing blog, and although I've been doing a fair bit of writing in the last few months, none of it has been here. I'm showing my newly curly-topped face here to give a shameless plug to … Continue reading Shameless plug: Aiki Flinthart

This is a writing blog

I went to the amazing Genrecon for the second time last week, and once again it was a huge shot in the arm for my ambition to be a writer. Massive thanks to convenor Peter Ball and his team of ninjas for another successful conference. My optimism at the start of the year that I'd … Continue reading This is a writing blog