The perils of perfectionism

Do you struggle with perfectionism? I do. My theory is that school trains us in the false belief that you can do something perfectly or (a worse misconception) be perfect. They train you to believe there is always a right and a wrong, and that you can 'get everything right'...10 out of 10, 100%, A+! … Continue reading The perils of perfectionism

Finding your voice as a writer

When I first started writing again, I joined an online forum where you could share writing and get feedback from other writers. One comment I got was that I needed to find my voice. What does that mean? I asked them, I asked myself, I asked other writers. The answers, when they came, were vague … Continue reading Finding your voice as a writer

What’s in a name? Choosing a pen name

I've been dithering for years about what name to publish under.  The looming publication of the Elements anthology, in which I have a story, has forced the issue. The author release demanded I supply the author name.  O! be some other name: What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other … Continue reading What’s in a name? Choosing a pen name