The inevitable #MeToo post

Harvey Weinstein’s had a whole week of ‘treatment’ and has ‘taken it seriously’ so I guess all that nastiness is over with then, which will be a huge relief to all the sexual harassers and rapists who have been complaining that they may have to change.  I won’t be holding my breath. If anything the … Continue reading The inevitable #MeToo post

Reader’s choice

Out of consideration for you, dear reader, this week I offer you a choice: My new opinion piece, which may be just a little TMI for people who know me in real life The craziness over the hair down there If you're thinking "oh, no, Robyn's talking about vaginas again", you might prefer This is … Continue reading Reader’s choice

Surrounded by the colour purple

I find myself surrounded in the colour purple. It wasn’t something I did consciously but in the last few months I’ve gathered purples and violets and lavenders and mauves around me. My bed sheets, the velour throw on the couch, my phone cover. My towel, my glasses, my hair. The hair was deliberate: if it’s … Continue reading Surrounded by the colour purple

Feminism 101

I don't blog much about feminism because it's such a ridiculously fraught topic and frankly who has time for that shit? But I keep seeing the same tired old tropes that I thought I'd create a little mythbusting Feminism 101 primer that I can post whenever the topic arises. 1. Feminists want ... OK, let me … Continue reading Feminism 101