Thank you, thank you very much

It was Thanksgiving in America this week, as you're probably aware (Robyn, You have nine friends in the United States celebrating Thanksgiving this week. Create a post now!) There's so much I could say about Thanksgiving. It's kind of gross, Obama jolly jolly for the cameras, pardoning a turkey while Native American protesters (and their supporters) … Continue reading Thank you, thank you very much

Pull your loved ones close

   It's so often true that the people who have least to give are the most generous. Today I spent some time with a dear friend who has been having a tough time health wise. Despite the huge physical and emotional toll public outings take on her at the moment, she made time for me … Continue reading Pull your loved ones close

Let’s have a little more love

I find tears leaking onto my cheeks at the smallest provocation. Not just sad and awful things, happy, silly things too, like a stupid story about a granny using please and thank you on Google searches. I was going to write about crazy aunts this week. I saw some research that found that all female CEOS … Continue reading Let’s have a little more love

Family ties

  Some thoughts about family at Christmastime My baby sister is home! I say 'baby'...she's 5'10", 40 and an accomplished professional who has travelled the world and runs half marathons in her spare time. A part of me will always think of her as the little blue-eyed blonde-haired demon child that ate my hoarded sweets, got me … Continue reading Family ties