Icing on the publication cake

My first short story to be published in an anthology is now out in the world! I know it's not the greatest achievement a writer can aspire to, but it's a significant milestone for me. The book launch was SUCH FUN. Some dear friends and family members came to support me, which I am deeply … Continue reading Icing on the publication cake


PR, darling, PR

I was up at the crack of dawn* today for a photo shoot with the number one newspaper in the state**. Such is a the life of an Amazon Best Selling Author***. The funny thing about aspiring to be a writer is you can't possibly just write. You have to be your own researcher, editor, … Continue reading PR, darling, PR

First quarter check-in: what I’ve done

I revived this blog as an accountability tool. Seeing as we've officially entered a new season (Autumn for us Antipodeans, Spring for the Northerners out there) I figured it was about time for a check-in. That ole voice-of-doom that resides in my head was up to no good again: as I sat down to review … Continue reading First quarter check-in: what I’ve done

Is failing fast and often good for writers?

Was it only 4 weeks ago I recommitted to doing a weekly blog post? And look: I've failed already. I completely forgot about doing a post last week. In my Real Life™, I occasionally work on software development projects, where failing fast and failing often is a virtue. In which case, I'm an angel. I … Continue reading Is failing fast and often good for writers?