The perils of perfectionism

Do you struggle with perfectionism? I do. My theory is that school trains us in the false belief that you can do something perfectly or (a worse misconception) be perfect. They train you to believe there is always a right and a wrong, and that you can 'get everything right'...10 out of 10, 100%, A+! … Continue reading The perils of perfectionism

Is failing fast and often good for writers?

Was it only 4 weeks ago I recommitted to doing a weekly blog post? And look: I've failed already. I completely forgot about doing a post last week. In my Real Life™, I occasionally work on software development projects, where failing fast and failing often is a virtue. In which case, I'm an angel. I … Continue reading Is failing fast and often good for writers?

Reviving the writing dream

I started this blog back in 2010, when I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of being a writer. My goal back then was to be published or produced by the time I was 50: I turned 40 in 2009 and realised that I wasn't getting any younger. I've only got 10 months left, so … Continue reading Reviving the writing dream