How I became an Amazon bestseller

True story. Well, me and 15 other writers, anyway: all the contributors to Elemental, an anthology of short fiction.

Heres’ the proof:

The book became the No 1 bestseller in its Amazon category for …a couple of hours, maybe, after the book became available for pre-order. Our book launch isn’t until the end of July….come along if you’re in the neighbourhood. The book is a project of the Springfield Writers Group: I’ve written about them before.

The book has taken about a year, and I have learned an enormous amount from the process…including the game that is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. As a group, we benefit enormously from the leadership of Aiki Flinthart, a self-published novelist who has been very generous with her knowledge and time, and as we go along she’s teaching us some of the tricks and pitfalls…one of which being how to make the most of how Amazon’s self-publishing system works, which mostly revolves around categories.

Because we are in a pretty small category already, Fiction Anthologies, where sales are low in number and price, a sudden rush of the friends and families of the 16 authors to buy the book on pre-order made Elemental the fastest selling book in its category….for a short while. Hopefully the launch on 27 July will spark another rush of orders, and we’ll get back on the list again, which means we automagically get included in certain Amazon promotions.

It also means we can legit display gaudy bling like this:

I’m sharing this with you as I don’t think it diminishes the achievement at all that there are many bestsellers…there are still many more that aren’t, and not all make it to number 1. Hell I’m grateful for any attention to our work. And this is SUCH. FUN! So a big hearty thanks to the mums and dads, family, friends, lovers and patrons for the show of support that got us there. Number 1 on pre-order!!

Elemental, the Amazon No 1 bestseller! is available from 27 July 2019 from your

favourite book etailer

If you’re in South East Qld, come to the launch at Springfield Library.

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