Happy Birthday, Tommy

An extra-special post today, to honour my father-in-law, who turns 83 today. My in-laws love to tell stories, it's one of the many things I love about them. Tommy, my father-in-law, brought the family out here from Liverpool 51 years ago, and they were followed by other members of his family. My head is filled … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Tommy

Feminism 101

I don't blog much about feminism because it's such a ridiculously fraught topic and frankly who has time for that shit? But I keep seeing the same tired old tropes that I thought I'd create a little mythbusting Feminism 101 primer that I can post whenever the topic arises. 1. Feminists want ... OK, let me … Continue reading Feminism 101

LNP’s bleak vision for Australia

The LNP have declared class war. They haven't had the guts to come out and say it to our face yet, but with the Courier Mail calling people protesting the budget "whingers" and the Telegraph implying that there is a plague of fake disability claimants, it's only a matter of time. The values at the … Continue reading LNP’s bleak vision for Australia

We need to talk about the Royals

Stop! Enough already! Even though I avoid mainstream media and I have not clicked on a single link, I am already at saturation point about the Royal Tour. When do they leave, it must be soon right? I cannot stand this fawning. Let's have a think about what the Royal Family are, and what they … Continue reading We need to talk about the Royals