A new rant and an update

Hello, dear reader. It humbles me when I come back to the blog after an absence and see the viewing stats continuing to climb. Okay, it seems many of you get here looking for the hot surfer, but I know at least some of you stay and read some of my writing. Thanks for that. … Continue reading A new rant and an update

Pop-up ranting

Dear reader, let me apologise to you for interrupting your peaceful day with a rant. Last time I ranted, in the wake of the News of the Week scandal, I semi-promised myself I wouldn't post again until I'd goddamn finished a story. Apparently I lied. This time last week England was waking up after the worst … Continue reading Pop-up ranting

We own the public sector

I've got my cranky pants on. This week's post is a rant I've been stewing on for awhile. We all know the Tories want to dismantle the NHS (although, obviously, that's not how they put it) but shortly they'll release their plans for wholesale reform of the public sector. That's a pretty easy target for … Continue reading We own the public sector

More writing on writing

A new post in my occasional series On Writing, discussing goals. Goal setting is popular in pop psychology (along with 'visualisation') but I'm not telling you to write down your goals. I feel like I've discovered the secret to goal setting, although actually it's research that's been around for years. I'll give you a hint: … Continue reading More writing on writing