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The story I’ve written this week may be a revenge fantasy. Or perhaps wish fulfilment is a better way of describing it. Anyway, I started out to write one thing and what came out is Looking back – the  reflections of a once powerful man looking back at the revolution that brought him low. Happy reading!

Stylish blogger awardMy blogger friend Becky, author of Generation Whynot [aka @stupidgirl45] awarded me a Stylish Blogger award during the week, to my surprise and delight. The fact she’s actually met me and still called me stylish just goes to show the power of tequila!

I have to honour the award by telling you 7 facts about myself and then pay it forward to ten other bloggers, so here goes:

  1. I went to 11 different schools. I’m great at being the new girl.
  2. I prefer cats. As a child I wanted to be a cat.
  3. I believe firmly that you can only be good at a limited number of things in life, and you have to decide where you want to invest your energy.
  4. Housework will not be one of the things I will be good at.
  5. I worked in a sex shop for about two weeks until it got raided by the police and business dropped off. My friend Kat made a film about it after I told her it was mostly boring.
  6. I passed my driving test without doing a parallel reverse park. The tester couldn’t find two cars parked together so he told me to imagine the second car.
  7. After walking in on Grandad having a wee as a toddler, I assumed I would grow a penis when I was older in the same way I would apparently grow breasts. I’m not sure when I discovered this was not to be the case.

Hmm. Possibly disqualified myself from the ‘stylish’ category with that lot.

On to paying it forward. I would pay it back to Becky, whose determined good spirits and honesty are an inspiration, but that’s not the way it works. So, here’s my ten:

  1. Vanessa Page of The Worded Page – Vanessa’s an amazing woman and a dear friend and her poetry blows my mind.
  2. Alison Earls of Alison Earls ALOUD – Alison’s another great friend and writing buddy from way back. I love the combination of writing and performance on her blog
  3. Emily Johnson at Bartercard Bubs – Emily started blogging for Bartercard when her first baby Alora was born in 2009. I haven’t been back to meet Alora yet, and love staying in touch with her via the blog.*that’s the end of the personal connections*
  4. The Happiness Project London – a great blog celebrating life – and life in London especially.
  5. The Brixton Blog – an eclectic round up of local news with a suitable emphasis on food!
  6. UK Uncut – The online home of my heroes in the uncut movement.
  7. Rabbitwhite – for inventing #ladypornday to promote dialogue about women & porn
  8. #1001 – for helping educate me about the Middle East recently
  9. Democracy Fail – for caring about media ownership and doing something about it
  10. Olivia Blog – Just because I love Olivia De Berardini’s pin-up art

Ta da! Please go check out those sites!

4 thoughts on “Stylish bloggers

  1. I don’t know what has me more stunned … you labelling me ‘stylish’ or referring to me as a ‘blogger’!! You have been the prime mover in bringing out the latter in me but it would take all sorts of heavy machinery to make me the former! Thanks so much for your support. You are the true Queen of Blogs and Empress of Style so your acknowledgment means a lot.


  2. I love your point 6, passing your driving test with an ‘imaginary’ car. How much easier would peak hour traffic be, if we just imagine it all. And how lovely to mention the clever filmmaker of your sex shop experience :)) Take a walk on the wild side Girl with STYLE of course!!!


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