Darkness prevails

Where the genius happens

A super-short offering this week, not by design, it’s  just what came to me. Marcia’s birthday party is short but not sweet, and there’s a language warning, too. Is it the dark mornings that have created the dark mood? If so, it could be a gloomy winter for you, readers.

If I’d had more time this week I may have written a rant about this week’s papal visit to London. That man has spent his career protecting paedophiles and we should all be incensed that goes largely unremarked. But, to be fair, my ire was raised by the excellent writing of Johann Hari and Polly Toynbee, so you’re better off reading the original articles, anyway.

Next week I’m off to cycle around Umbria for a few days. Will I keep up this commitment?
Only time will tell.

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