Last new story for 2010

Well, dear readers, Circling the wagons will be the last new story I post this year.

Last year on New Year’s Eve I wrote a list of my hopes and wishes for 2010 and one of the items on that list was ‘get in touch with my creative side. Write.’  I’m incredibly proud to find myself starting this New Year’s Eve the way I now start every day, with a cup of coffee and an hour’s writing.

I went live with this blog on 16 July, six months to the day that I started writing again.  I’ve learned a massive amount, but mainly I’ve learned that I can work full-time and still write. My progress may be a little slower but as the little note on my desk reminds me every day ‘persistence trumps talent, every time’.

This year my wish list will include ‘become a better writer’.  I hope you’ll stick with me.

Happy New Year, everyone. Make your hopes and wishes come true.


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