Signs of a new life

It’s a misty old morning in Brixton today. I can barely see the row of terraces over the back for the fog as I put the finishing touches to Casablanca was a B-movie.

But after long months of getting up in the dark and only seeing my reflection in my writing room window, it’s pretty close to miraculous to be able to see anything. Soon I won’t be able to see the finches and robins darting about in the trees, the foliage is bursting into life. Out the front we have daffodils and blossom is already starting to decorate the streets with confetti. Spring is here!

This week’s story is late, and it’s because my life is changing too. I’ll have to work hard to keep up this commitment: habits and rituals are the keys to discipline and change is a real challenge to that, as this week proves.  But in the same way our hearts thrill at the signs of spring, I’m excited and inspired by the opportunities the changes represent. Wish me luck!


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